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Top 21 Wedding Blogs That Will Inspire You to Start One ASAP!

Written by Vipin Sharma · 5 min read >
Top 21 Wedding Blogs That Will Inspire You to Start One ASAP

If you have arrived on this page, indeed, you would have planned or planning to start your wedding blog. But you are in the confusion how it will look like.

Apart from it, there are a lot of sub-niches to create more confusion?

So, don’t worry.

The answer is simple, follow the other wedding blogs of your genre to get inspired.

There are hundreds of pages that you can follow to get inspiration on the web, but is it possible to scroll down these hundred blogs every day? Of course not.

So, here we create the list of top 21 wedding blogs regarding your niche to follow and start one ASAP:

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty-Inspiration and resources to plan your dream wedding

Since 2007, Style Me Pretty is inspiring thousands of grooms and brides to plan weddings like their dreams. They provide plans and advice for relationships, regions to weddings, styles to wear, and many more for marital couples.

It is the ultimate wedding guide.

Find your inspiration here.

The Groomsman Suit

Wedding Style Blog - The Groomsman Suit

The site was founded by Jeanne Foley’s moment when she didn’t get affordable outfits for her groom in 2016.
Dianna, Jeanne’s childhood friend, accompanied her to make the site more extraordinary.

Since then, TGS is helping out thousands of men grooms every month to fit finder, fit guide, sizing help, etc.

Find your inspiration here.

Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings - Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Planners, Wedding Venues

Junebug wedding is the world’s most popular wedding planning resource provider.

The experienced team of Junebug weddings has excellence in editorial and showcasing unique pictures.

On the blog, they provide the experience of real weddings, engagements, wedding ideas and inspirations, wedding colors, wedding styles, wedding planning tips, DIY planning tools, etc.

Find your inspiration here.

Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings -Wedding Blog & Inspiration

The site was founded by Elizabeth Muhmood Kane in 2011 and edited by Claire Eliza since 2017; it provides the joy, style, creativity for celebrating weddings. They bring inspiration and honor to every kind of couple’s wedding -faiths, cultures, genders, and sizes.

On social media handles, you can find additional inspiration from real wedding photos, couple style photos, different destinations, and various wellness tips.

Find your inspiration here.

A Practical Wedding

A Practical Wedding-Wedding Planning, Inspiration, and Ideas

In the about section, they pronounce themselves as a wedding and relationship-focused company. It was founded in 2008 and has spent decades exploring relationships, weddings, and the love story of thousands of lives.

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They host 7,00,000 readers a month, which is a massive one amongst the best sites. It is a bold and courageous page made for and by the smart feminist women.

Find your inspiration here.

Wedding Bee

Weddingbee Your Wedding Blog and Community

Wedding bee provides helpful articles, tips, active forums, and tricks for real wedding inspirations worldwide.

It was started first as a personal blog but afterward, becoming the massive wedding bee community of millions of brides, it transformed and expanded into the discussion website.

Find your inspiration here.

Wed Me Good


Weddings, Indian Wedding Planning Online - WedMeGood

WedMeGood is an Indian wedding website that provides the best wedding prices and reviews of the vendors nearby. They deliver blogs, experiences, tips, and tricks for real wedding couples.

You can get inspiration for different outfits, jewelry and accessories, mehndi designs, venues, and decor ideas.

Find your inspiration here.

Green Wedding Shoes


Weddingbee Your Wedding Blog and Community

Green Wedding Shoes believes in sharing the wedding experience of others with their readers.

In wedding planning, real weddings, travel, fashion and beauty, wellness, DIY, and blogs are experts. All the topics of wedding attires to glorify your style, they have a wide range.

Find your inspiration here.

Perfect Wedding Guide

WG Blog New Home - Perfect Wedding Guide _ Bliss Wedding Planning Blog

The blog serves its purpose as its name suggests, as a wedding guru. It’s an encyclopedia of the wedding directory in a specific manner.

They provide different tips, ideas, and tricks for making your wedding a memorable day. From day one preparation of your wedding till the relationship grows, it assists you in every way.

Find your inspiration here.


Ruffled Wedding Blog Luxury Destination Wedding Luxury Wedding Venues Best

Ruffled has established a very reliable readers fanbase. They manage everything regarded wedding tips, tricks, ideas, DIY projects, planning, and Vendors & venues.

Ruffled was started in 2008 for providing handmade vintage wedding ideas. But soon transformed into a destination to inspire and blend the style of thousands of couples at their weddings.

Find your inspiration here.

Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding The Best UK Wedding Planning Resource

Rock My Wedding is a well-known wedding brand name in the UK industry that provides inspiration editorials, recommendations, advice, and ideas for making your marriage more beautiful than your wedding.

They make the environment safer and more secure by donating 10% of their profit in growing plants and trees and recycling processes in weddings.

Their one motivation is only to make the wedding a successful journey throughout every step.

Find your inspiration here.


Bespoke Bride Wedding Blog - Daily inspiration, planning & advice, real weddings

Bespoke Bride believes in filling the colors and creativeness in the people’s wedding to make a personal and unique experience. They inspire, motivate, and bring loveliness by supplying blogs on DIY, Real Weddings, Planning, Inspiration, Travel, etc.

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It was founded by Emily Pettiford & Jessica Turley. In starting, they were more in the wedding business, but over time, after realization, it transformed into the whole time blog.

Find your inspiration here.

Love my dress

 Love My Dress Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog + Wedding Directory

Love My Dress provides practical support and advice to wedding couples. Inspiration, wedding directory, giveaways, beauty tips, fashion, honeymoons, and all other GoodReads related to wedding is available on the site.

You can shop bridal gowns & separates, Veils, Shoes, Accessories, bridesmaids & childrenswear, Rings, and Jewelry on the site.

Love My Dress ensures the heartfelt celebration through storytelling and honest advice with uplifting content. They believe in sharing love and care instead of algorithms and data on SEO.

Find your inspiration here.

Want That Wedding

UK Wedding Blog Want That Wedding

The journey started with Sonia’s fascinating story and her husband’s engagement; afterward, she decides to share a million other wedding stories to cover in her book “Want That Wedding.” She has inspired a lot of couples to experience the vintage of the 1930s and 1940s.

Real Weddings experience, Ideas, color schemes are the primary genre of the site. You get the option of shopping too for your beautiful wedding to make a memorable day.

Find your inspiration here.

Birdy Grey

Birdy Grey Shop affordable bridesmaid dresses online for under $100

The blog was founded by two girls, Grace and Monica, who live in Los Angeles and have been long-time besties.

In the past, Grace has been work for prominent fashion corporates like InStyle magazine, Kate Spate in new york, Stila Cosmetics, and Kate Somerville skincare. In contrast, Monica is strategy and Ops. At mckinsey&co. with a long year of experience.

Together now, they are combined to provide all the happiness and joy for wedding bridals.

Find your inspiration here 

Wedgewood Weddings

Welcome to Wedgewood Weddings - A Remarkable Approach to Romantic Weddings

Essential Wedding Guides, Real Weddings plans, wedding ideas, Real Wedding trends, Food & Drink, Planning & Packages, Wedding 101, they provide a comfortable list of experiences to all the couples.

They believe in providing a stress-free and memorable wedding experience to all couples.

Find your inspiration here.

Cocomelody Magazine

Cocomelody Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses & More

Cocomelody profoundly cares about wedding couples who need real advice in their marriage to make it more beautiful and elegant. They value the magic and charms of every bridal who should be present in a unique way.

They have a vast range of shops for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, swatches, accessories, formal dresses, etc.

They are providing strength in people’s journey to make it more enjoyable, joyful, and comfortable.

Find your inspiration here.

Bridal Guide

Your source for wedding planning ideas and advice BridalGuide

It is one of the most recommended websites for all the bridal and grooms who have been and soon to be.

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From wedding planning to honeymoon, it’s a complete guide. It’s a pool of wedding advice. Every year Bridal Guide is inspiring hundreds of couples.

Wedding planning, Real weddings, dresses to shop, beauty, health, honeymoons, and blogs are the main elements of the menu.

Find your inspiration here.

MunaLuchi Bride

Multicultural Weddings, African American Brides, Black Brides

MunaLuchi is the two Africans’ combined name that depicts “Beauty Work of God.”

MunaLuchi is a multicultural global tech company serving the 200$ billion business worldwide in the wedding industry.

Their mission is to provide an excellent image to all women’s color to build their confidence or directly to build self-love.

They represent themselves as “Wedding, Style, and Inspiration.”

Find your inspiration here.

Wedding Chicks

Wedding Chicks

Vendors, marketplace, Wedding inspiration, blogs for tips, and tricks are the main menu items to make your wedding journey enjoyable and artistic.

You can look for bridal bouquets, wedding dresses, free invitation samples, and Tuxedo rentals on the website. Apart from it, there are various tools and advisors to optimize your wedding budget.

For the wedding blogger, they have tools for designing the website.

Find your inspiration here.

One Fab Day

OneFab wedding blogs

One fab day has the 1000s of articles on real wedding dilemmas. So, there is no question left for the wedding couples of what they don’t have an answer to.

There is a lot of data like the experience of 10 years in wedding blogs, 5,55,000 monthly readers, #1 site in Ireland, 25000 daily worldwide readers, 300+ best supplier, etc., to embrace the site.

They also have been featured in vogue, The Irish Times, RTE One, Buzzfeed, Stylish Magazine, etc.

As we said, there is a lot to say about the site.

Find your inspiration here.

Which blog you liked the most? Do you know any other awesome blog? Please feel free to write us via the comment section.

Keep loving; keep sharing. 🙂

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