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Top 12 Blogging Platforms to Start Money Making Blog in 2021

Written by Vipin Sharma · 3 min read >
Top 12 Blogging Platforms to Start Money Making Blog in 2021

Whether you are starting a personal blog or a business blog, the first step is to choose the blogging platforms that fulfill your requirements. Requirement are related to your user problems, business type, blogging interest, CMS interface, etc.
Here in this article, you will find the different blogging platforms for business blogging, personal blogging, microblogging, anonymous blogging, etc. Both paid and free variants.

You can choose according to your attainment of requirements among them. in one of the best blogging platforms.


WordPress is holding 39% of all websites means it’s the world’s most popular Content management system for bloggers. You can easily create the site and rank it on google with various plugins that work as car engine boosters. WordPress allows a block editor that provides you thousands of features to unite the beautiful content building.

Pricing: avails both paid and free plans to construct the site. You can create the site on but only with their custom domain names ( if you go for the free option. WordPress paid sites hosted by different hosting companies that start only at $1 per month.

Recommended For: People who want to build and own a beautiful customized site. Also, they don’t have any expertise in coding. And they seriously want to rank their blog online for the longer term.

Blogger - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free.

Google owns So, you get an advantage in the SEO part because it is easily managed by the same. You can get the free domain to host your site with the domain name With AdSense, you can easily monetize your site. And with its built-in analytics, you can analyze your audience.

Pricing: Blogger doesn’t have any paid plan. It’s completely free.

Recommended For: Blogger is specifically for rookie personal bloggers who don’t have any technical skills. Not for business purposes, it should use.


Medium – Where good ideas find you.

Medium is a platform where the experts and beginners of any topic can share their views with their creative writings. Medium provides interaction to readers and writers with no ads and banners. 

It is an American Online publishing platform started in 2012 by Evan Williams. Now it’s owned by Medium Corporation.

Pricing: Medium is free to write channel.

Recommended For: Any person who doesn’t want to own the website. Only he expects a platform to share his writing with a unique perspective and thinking to the world.



Quora got into existence because of yielding knowledge and exploring it. If you want to come into the blog to share any expertise or information, it’s a great floor to start. Quora provides specific spaces where the question of readers can coincide with their expert topic writers. Quora’s audience is one of the most intelligent audiences.

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Pricing: It’s completely free.

Recommended For: Personalities who want to share and grow knowledge.



LiveJournal is a platform like quora and medium. Here, people share their unique perspectives, ideas, thinkings, tips, and stories to inspire and teach. Like a social network, at LiveJournal, you can interact with your audience in private ways.

Pricing: They have both free and paid versions.

Recommended For: Inspirational and enthusiast personal bloggers who want to share life stories, provide Infos, and exchange ideas. Not suited for business bloggers if they are not in the service field.


Free Website Builder Build a Free Website or Online Store - Weebly

Weebly is a drag and drops WYSIWYG website builder. It has all the functionalities like sidebars, buttons, media boxes, social media icons, ad spaces, tools, etc. You get the e-commerce tools to add shipping, payments, etc. And marketing tools to audience analytics, etc.

Pricing: Weebly offers you a free site with their custom domains. Also, the paid services start at $5 to $38 per month.

Recommended For: Business bloggers who want to increase their business impact.


Ghost -Turn your audience into a business

Ghost is a modern full-stack, modern publishing platform specifically designed for bloggers. It has a very clutter-free, smooth experience in writing. The whole website is based on JavaScript to make your work hustle free.

Pricing: There is a basic package started as 29$ monthly.

Recommended For: Any business person who wants to attract a loyal recurring audience and create a unique community.


Joomla Content Management System (CMS) - try it for free!

Joomla is a very easy to use and award-winning content management system. You can learn how to manage Joomla sites in a minute. Its site interface provides you SEO optimization, Mobile friendly experience, unlimited designs, flexibility & full extensibility, and much more. You should own a domain on a hosting site to install Joomla as a CMS.

Pricing: You have to pay for Hosting and Domain name.

Recommended For: Beginner bloggers who don’t know much about SEO. They can easily rank their site on google or any web engine.


blogging platforms

Tumbler is the most authentic and reliable blogging site on the web. You can rename the tumbler as the blogger channel because it is specifically designed for bloggers. It provides an easy-to-use and get-set-go interface on its cms.

Pricing: Tumbler is free to use.

Recommended For: All the regular bloggers who want to grow his or her audience in any expertise. It’s not user-friendly for business purposes because it doesn’t provide you to inject affiliate links or referral links in blog posts.


Website Design – The Leader in Website Design – Squarespace

Squarespace is an American, New york-based website building and hosting service providing company. Squarespace builds the site in the minute with a powerful building mechanism, Drag and Drop builder.

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Pricing: You get a free trial with no credit card required. Yes, there are paid-up plans to make give you much more impressive designs.

Recommended For: Business bloggers, Not-for-profit organization blogs, and personal bloggers can give it a try. There are various templates to consider. — A place for focused writing. is distraction-free and more writing blogging channel. With it, you can publish your writing on your habitual routine. There are a lot of other features like autosaving, RSS feed, newsletter, etc.

Pricing: gives the first 14 days of free trial with a credit card. Its paid pricing starts at $9 per month.

Recommended For: Serious personal bloggers or writers can start publishing on it passionately.


One of the best blogging platforms And Create Your Free Website _ Wix

Wix is the Drag and Drop website making tool that can create any site in the minute with no web designing knowledge. It is well optimized and mobile-friendly because there are limited third party app installed.

Pricing: Their beginner plan starts at just $2.

Recommended For: Any blogger who requires the best custom and unique site interface.

Above all are the best blogging platforms on the web search. 

If you would still ask for the best blogging channel, our choice will be WordPress as it completes all the requirements and comes with great features. 

We hope you liked the article.

Which blogging platforms you are using? Please don’t forget to write under the comment section.

Keep sharing; keep loving.:)

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