Top 51 Handpicked AppSumo Marketplace Deals for Black Friday 2023

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appsumo black friday 2023 lifetime deals
  1. SheetMagic: AI-generated content in Google Sheets. SheetMagic brings the power of ChatGPT to Google Sheets, allowing you to easily create AI-generated content in bulk, interact with your data, and automate your workflow, all within one platform.
  2. Scrollsequence: Stunning image sequence animations. Create captivating image sequence animations that can be controlled with the mousewheel or touch, adding a dynamic and interactive element to your visuals.
  3. rtila: Automate digital marketing tasks. rtila is a versatile cross-platform desktop software that automates various digital marketing tasks and workflows, offering efficiency and convenience for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.
  4. GAJIX: Cutting-edge AI learning assistant. GAJIX is an innovative AI learning assistant designed to revolutionize the way you learn and master new subjects, providing an advanced and personalized learning experience.
  5. Invoice Maker: Scalable invoice management solution. Invoice Maker offers seamless payments, invoice tracking, client management, drag-and-drop functionality, stunning visuals, customizable design, and mobile invoicing, providing a comprehensive solution for managing invoices with ease.
  6. SmatLeads: Efficient lead generation and sales. SmatLeads is a powerful tool that helps you find new leads, nurture them, and close more sales in less time. With just a few clicks, you can discover potential clients and accelerate your business growth.
  7. Fintable: Real-time bank data syncing. Fintable automatically syncs bank transactions and balances from multiple banks and credit cards to one centralized place, providing you with up-to-date and real-time bank data for better financial management.
  8. SEO Generator: Keyword-rich landing page generation. SEO Generator is a WordPress plugin that generates landing pages for various combinations of keywords and locations, helping you optimize your website’s SEO by creating targeted and relevant content.
  9. Mail Warm: Keep emails out of spam. Mail Warm ensures that your emails stay out of spam folders by utilizing P2P technology to send emails from your own email address to real users on the network, effectively maintaining a good email reputation.
  10. Remote desktop access simplified. offers a simple and user-friendly solution for remote access, allowing system admins, support specialists, and common users to quickly connect to other desktops without hassle.
  11. BLAZE Transfer: Secure file transfer platform. BLAZE Transfer provides an end-to-end encrypted file transfer platform that protects your data against both quantum computers and classical computers, ensuring the highest level of security for industrial, enterprise, and individual users.
  12. inksprout: AI-powered social content creation. inksprout combines AI writing assistance with TikTok video generation, helping you effortlessly come up with engaging social content in both written and video formats.
  13. KeywordPro: Advanced keyword research solution. KeywordPro is the ultimate keyword research tool that allows you to effortlessly discover thousands of potent keywords with just one click, unlocking the full potential of your content optimization strategies.
  14. Snapied: Easy graphic design tool. Snapied is a user-friendly online graphic design tool that empowers both professional designers and non-designers to create stunning visuals quickly and easily, making the design process accessible to all.
  15. Microthemer: Customize CSS styling effortlessly. Microthemer is a lightweight yet powerful visual editor that enables you to customize the CSS styling of any aspect of your site without requiring extensive coding knowledge. Easily modify fonts, layouts, and more.
  16. Stop Scroll Studio: Engaging scroll-stopping video ads. Stop Scroll Studio is the go-to solution for creating high performance video ads that captivate audiences and drive engagement, providing a powerful tool for boosting your advertising campaigns.
  17. FindNiche: All-in-one dropshipping niche finder. FindNiche is a comprehensive tool that helps you discover the best dropshipping products and suppliers, spy on top sellers and dropshipping ads, and ultimately boost your sales with strategic insights and data-driven decisions.
  18. Transcript.LOL: AI-powered transcription service. Transcript.LOL utilizes advanced AI technology to convert content from videos and podcasts into written text, offering a convenient and efficient solution for transcribing multimedia content accurately.
  19. AGENT23.AI: Custom AI-powered Chatbot platform. AGENT23.AI is a cutting-edge platform that enables businesses to build personalized AI-powered Chatbots tailored to their own data, offering a versatile and effective communication tool for engaging with customers.
  20. Taku: Effortless user communication solution. Taku streamlines user communication by allowing you to broadcast updates, gather direct feedback, and prioritize your next moves seamlessly, enhancing your ability to engage and interact with your audience effectively.
  21. Checklist.Gg: AI-enhanced checklist management. Checklist.Gg offers a comprehensive checklist management tool enhanced by AI, providing an optimized workflow solution that helps you streamline and organize your tasks more efficiently.
  22. Outboundly: Personalized outreach messaging. Outboundly revolutionizes outreach efforts by crafting personalized messages for a diverse pool of prospects with the help of GPT-4 AI, offering a cutting-edge Chrome extension that transforms your outreach strategy.
  23. SimilarDocs: Multifaceted content uniqueness tool. SimilarDocs is a multifaceted tool that benefits a wide range of professionals by ensuring that their content remains unique, engaging, and free from unintentional repetition, offering an essential solution for maintaining high-quality content standards.
  24. Stepsy: Rapid documentation and training material creation. Stepsy is the ultimate solution for creating effective documentation and training materials in minutes, providing a quick and efficient way to generate essential educational resources for your organization.
  25. DupDub: User-friendly AI audio generator. DupDub is a time-saving and affordable AI audio generator that can convert text to speech in seconds, offering a user-friendly tool for creating high-quality audio content effortlessly.
  26. Cultup: Cloud-based meeting management tool. Cultup helps businesses streamline their meetings by promoting interactive participation, brainstorming topics, and collaboration setup for employees on a unified platform, providing an all-in-one solution for effective meeting management.
  27. Email Verifier & Blacklist Shield by BrandNav: Spam prevention and email verification. Say goodbye to spam folders, email blacklists, and bounce-backs with Email Verifier & Blacklist Shield, a comprehensive tool that ensures the deliverability of your email communications.
  28. Leads Codex: Effortless lead generation. Leads Codex brings potential clients right to your fingertips by allowing you to find leads for your business from a vast leads database, providing a convenient solution for expanding your customer base.
  29. Bulletin Black Friday: Lightweight announcement plugin. Bulletin is a lightweight plugin that injects announcement banners, sale offers, and shop notices into your website, offering an effortless way to convey important messages to your audience effectively.
  30. ZeroBounce: Leading email validation system. ZeroBounce is a powerful online email validation system designed to ensure that companies sending complex and high-volume emails avoid deliverability issues, providing a reliable solution for maintaining email communication integrity.
  31. TalentSheets: Influencer marketing platform for Gmail/Google Drive users. TalentSheets is a suite of tools tailored for Gmail/Google Drive users, including an intuitive Chrome extension, a powerful Google Sheet Add-On, and proprietary templates that transform your Google Drive into a robust Influencer Marketing Platform.
  32. Visual app-building software. is an app-building software that helps businesses visually style any website in any browser, enabling teams to turn designs into responsive prototypes quickly without writing code.
  33. Taja: AI-powered content optimization. Taja revolutionizes content optimization by leveraging AI to generate titles, descriptions, chapters, and tags tailored to your style and audience, saving you hours of guesswork and enhancing the effectiveness of your content strategy.
  34. Chat Breezes: Omnichannel messaging platform. Chat Breezes empowers businesses to easily communicate with customers across channels and offer engaging product discovery and purchase options through an omnichannel messaging platform.
  35. Tunepond: Royalty-free stock audio collection. Tunepond offers a unique collection of royalty-free stock music suitable for various creative projects, providing creators, producers, filmmakers, YouTubers, editors, and more with quality music for commercial, personal, or educational use.
  36. Berri Connect: Real-time product inventory synchronization. Berri Connect provides a solution for real-time product inventory synchronization from various platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, CSV Feeds, and Google Sheets, offering streamlined inventory management for business owners.
  37. Instant Content: AI-powered content generation. Instant Content simplifies content production by offering AI tools that generate blog posts, emails, ad copies, and more with ease, providing a time-saving solution for creating high-quality content efficiently.
  38. FormNX: User-friendly drag-n-drop form builder. FormNX is a powerful and user-friendly drag-n-drop form builder web app that allows you to create and host a wide variety of forms effortlessly, providing an essential tool for capturing information from users effectively.
  39. WPAutoBlog: Professional AI-generated article scaling. WPAutoBlog is the go-to solution for scaling professional AI-generated articles that can significantly boost organic traffic to your website or blog.
  40. Claritee: Visual planning tool for websites/apps. Claritee empowers you to visually plan everything you need in your website, app, or digital product without getting overloaded by design decisions, focusing instead on the essentials of functionality and content.
  41. Pinflux: Pinterest profile management tool. Pinflux makes it easy to manage and grow your Pinterest profiles by finding interesting content, scheduling posts, and connecting with other members, offering an efficient way to enhance your presence on the platform.
  42. Mailmeteor: Gmail-based email campaign tool. Mailmeteor allows you to send email campaigns directly from your Gmail inbox, providing an alternative to classic email marketing software such as Mailchimp or Sendgrid.
  43. SiteGuru: Automated SEO audit and website monitoring. SiteGuru automatically crawls websites to check for usability and SEO issues, offering a comprehensive SEO audit and website monitoring tool that helps you maintain optimal website performance.
  44. SearchIQ: Comprehensive website search experience. SearchIQ provides a comprehensive search experience for websites and allows you to gain insights into user behavior with real-time analytics, enhancing the overall search functionality on your website.
  45. Documentero: Cloud-based document automation service. Documentero is a cloud-based document service that helps automate document processes efficiently, providing businesses with an essential tool for streamlining document-related tasks.
  46. ReDoc: Conversational ChatGPT copywriting tool. ReDoc understands your tone and style of writing in a conversational layout with minimalistic design, offering a better solution for ChatGPT copywriting that suits your preferences effectively.
  47. Spacin: Ultimate Google Workspace organizer. Spacin is the ultimate Google Workspace organizer that ensures seamless team collaboration and productivity by providing an all-in-one organizational platform for Google Workspace users.
  48. Juuno: Complete digital signage solution. Juuno offers a complete digital signage solution with stunning user interface design and effortless setup features, empowering businesses to elevate their communication with seamless digital signage displays.
  49. Linke: All-in-one link management solution. Linke is an all-in-one complete solution for managing, analyzing, targeting & tracking all your shared short links bio pages effectively to get the most out of them.
  50. Vitepos: Efficient store management software. Vitepos allows you to manage your entire store efficiently and track inventory in the shortest time possible with its user-friendly software solution.
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