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10 Best Forum Hosting Providers in 2021

Written by Vipin Sharma · 2 min read >
10 Best Forum Hosting Providers in 2021

What is a forum?

A forum is a place where people generally share ideas and thoughts regarding a particular topic or niche. 

In the online community, forums provide an interface for transferring public views with their common interest. The forum has become the source of content, information, and knowledge.

Need for a forum hosting service?

Forum hosting services are more towards hosts that provide site facilities specifically for discussion.

You can make a forum with your regular hosting providers. Only you need to install the plugins like phpBB, vBulletin, IP. Board, Discourse, etc. 

But quick forums require a larger space and faster storage for communities to interact so that it does not affect your normal site activities. And every host doesn’t provide all the qualities.

Hence, you require a forum hosting-centric service that can give you all the great features at a reasonable price.

Let’s now have a look at the 10 Best Forum Hosting Providers in 2021:



Hostinger is one of the best hosting service providers.


Hostinger is presenting various forums at a single click option. You can easily install any plugin of your choice as they cover most of them.

They are affordable, competitive, and value providing. You can guess about their affordability from the quality service they provide under only $1 per month hosting.  

They are an extremely fast, reliable, and user-friendly hosting provider. If you get any problems, they can solve any query with their responsive chat mode. 

Here’s more about Hostinger.


Site ground forum hosting

Site ground is recommended by some of the prominent digital management sites like Woo,, Yoast, etc. 

Siteground provides a great and powerful beast performance. With their hosting, you get free high-speed forum software too. You get all plugins for creating forum channels.

Siteground has the top-rated WordPress hosting support system that is available 24/7. With Siteground, everything is possible with just a single click.

Free SSL certificates, staging tools, email services, dev kit, collaboration kit are some of its key features.

Here’s more about Siteground.


Bluehost forum hosting

Blue host is installing phpBB free of cost at a single click. They are the no. 1  hosting service, recommended by

Bluehost provides you the free domain name for 1st year. It installs the SSL certificate on your domain name for free. Millions have succeeded in their journey with Bluehost. 

You get excellent tools and plugins with Bluehost for analytics and designs. 

Here’s more about Bluehost.

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A2Hosting is a powerful mechanism to boost up your site and success. At a reasonable price, you get most of their optimized quality loving service. 

You can easily migrate your site freely with the A2hosting service. With that, you get the commitment of a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 Guru support, free SSL, and much more. 

Here’s more about A2Hosting.



Tons of forum websites are loading on the Hostgator server. They provide the single-click installation of a variety of forum plugins.

Hostgator gives you a 99.99% site uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, easy install WordPress, free domain, and much more. 

Here’s more about Hostgator.


GoDaddy IN


Godaddy is one of the known hosting service providers. You can follow the great deals with many discounts on forum hosting. 

Godaddy is designed for speed and safety, which are one of the essential elements of any forum site. Also, you get the designing tools, developer tools with one-click easy installation. 

Here’s more about Godaddy.



GreenGeeks are popular not only because of their hosting services but also because of their contribution to the green environmental revolution. 

They are faster, well-built, and eco-friendly. Like others, they provide all the features in SSD Storage Arrays, Best Speed Tech, Built-in scalability, 24/7 support. 

Here’s more about GreenGeeks.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting has the pride of 50000+ WordPress installs, 99.99% uptime, and many industry-leading awards. 

You can start your journey with them by today as they provide all reliable sources to make your site fast, reliable, stable, and user-friendly. 

You can chat anytime with the team if you get in any trouble related to WordPress. 

Here’s more about InMotion Hosting.


Dream host

If you are a beginner or professional, you can build your forum site foundation with them. DreamHost claims the site of your dream. 

It’s super easy to use, fast and reliable. It owns a team of 24/7 expert to solve your problems. All types of hosting services they provide at an affordable and reasonable price. 

Here’s more about DreamHost


WP Engine

WPEngine provides the world’s best-managed WordPress hosting. If you are trying to find the solution from small to any big enterprise forum sites, WPEngine can be the best platform. 

WPEngine is trusted by 1.2 million sites in over 150 countries worldwide.

Here’s more about WPEngine.


I hope this article gives you a clear idea about hosting providers and can be really helpful to you if you are looking to start your own site.

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