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XtraOrbit Lara’s Google Analytics Review – The Affordable MonsterInsights Alternative

Well, website traffic is a topic, all webmasters and bloggers must be intimately familiar with. And we all know there are a...

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2021 09 29 16 13 07

Well, website traffic is a topic, all webmasters and bloggers must be intimately familiar with. And we all know there are a lot of tools we can use that help us with analyzing our website traffic, but not all of them are effective.

Google Analytics is the bread and butter of website analytics. Still, visiting the Google Analytics website every time to see your website traffic can be a tedious task. But what if I tell you that you can directly check your Analytics on your WordPress Admin Interface with the help of a WP plugin that is directly integrated with Google Analytics.

However, this can be difficult to get your head around. And as such, let me first tell you about a WordPress Plugin called “Lara’s Google Analytics”.

What is “Lara’s Google Analytics”?

Lara’s Google Analytics adds a full-width Google Analytics dashboard widget to our WordPress admin interface and inserts the latest Google Analytics tracking code to all our pages. With the help of this plugin, we can view our Google Analytics account directly from our WordPress Dashboard.

When it comes to website traffic, the more you know, the better you can plan for the future. So, I believe every website owner who wants to keep a regular eye on their website traffic can use this plugin.

Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Google Analytics WP Dashboard Widget
  • Full Access to Sessions Analytics
  • Easy & Fast Setup
  • Beautiful Graphs At Full Width
  • 20,000+ Active installations
  • Provides 24/7 Multi-Channel Support

Before we proceed with the detailed review, I must inform you about the current deal on Xtraorbit Lara’s Google Analytics deal.

You can currently get Unlimited domains lifetime license for $99.99 only. You can simply visit the pricing page and use discount code SPEICAL99 to get this discounted price. 

xtraorbit lara google analytics deal

Or you can also use this direct link to make the purchase which has a discount code already added in the URL.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that this deal is going to end on 30 September 2021. So, you may want to hurry.

xtraorbit lara google analytics deal

First Impression (Front-End DNA)

When I first searched for Lara’s Google Analytics on Google, the search results were not that good. Apart from the reviews on the WordPress site, there were no other reviews for this tool. Still, it was good to see the rating of 4.8, rated by 100+ users.

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The website is pretty basic and is a bit slow. Although everything is obvious just by looking at the website, it looks outdated and hence does not give a premium feel. Overall, I felt that both the UI and UX were pretty ordinary.

I don’t know why but the site’s Alexa ranking is decreasing. Also, I just came to know that it isn’t a GDPR compliant plugin.


The installation process is quite simple, easy, and straightforward. And after installing the plugin, we simply have to go to the Dashboard section. And there, we get the option to further set up the plugin.

screenshot 2021.09.28 11 26 09


The setup is quite easy and any WordPress user can complete it with ease. We just need to connect our Gmail account that we have used to create our Google analytics and Search Console. And as soon as we connect our account, we can check our website analytics directly from our WordPress Dashboard.

The widget’s interface is quite obvious and easy to navigate. It’s smooth and the graph also looks nice. Overall, the data Lara’s Google Analytics provides is really impressive.

screenshot 2021.09.28 11 46 51

Noteworthy Feature

Below are the features of Free and Paid plans of Lara’s Google Analytics:

Free Plan Features:

  1. Full Access to Sessions Analytics
  2. Pages visited on our site
  3. Browsers used to view our website
  4. Languages spoken by our website visitors
  5. Operating Systems used by our website visitors
  6. Screen Resolutions used to view our website
  7. Device Types used by our website visitors

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 15 00

Paid Plan Features:

  • Multisite Multi-Network support & full permissions control.

This means that each website in our network can have its own analytics tracking code and dashboard widget, and we also have the ability to monitor what data our website users see. Here, I’m talking about users, not visitors. (For eg. Author, Editor, SEO Manager, etc.)

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 34 48

  • We can check metrics for any date range, not just the last 30 days.

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 38 19

  • We can see the Real-time active users on our site.

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 46 46

  • We can see the countries with the most visitors to our website.

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 49 17

  • Lara’s Google Analytics integrates with Google Search Console to collect keywords and their ranking on Google search. And we can see this data directly on the widget.

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 51 13

  • Traffic Source, showing URLs that are sending us traffic. It also provides an easy way to check the sources that are sending us traffic and their statistics.

screenshot 2021.09.28 12 53 53

Pricing Plan Analysis

Although you can use this analytics widget plugin for free, their Pro Version includes additional features plus months of free updates and support.

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Lara’s Google Analytics pricing includes subscription and OneTimePayment deals. The lifetime plan includes lifetime updates and support. While choosing the plans, we also get the option of Unlimited License and Developer License.

Their subscription includes $14.99/Year for 1Year with 1Year updates and support, $12.75/Year for 2Year with 2Year updates and support, and $10.49/Year for 3Year with 3Year updates and support.

screenshot 2021.09.28 08 54 49

And for the One-time payment, it’s $54.95 with lifetime updates and support.

screenshot 2021.09.28 08 56 00


Well, they don’t have any knowledge base, but it offers fast & friendly multi-channel support available 24/7. Also, on the Contact Us page, we have various ways to connect with them regarding our queries.

screenshot 2021.09.28 09 06 44


Almost all of us know that MonsterInsights is the most popular plugin when we talk about Google Analytics WordPress Plugin.

Although it is really advanced, one of the most repeated opinions about the plugin is that the free version is inadequate, and the pro version is overpriced. And here comes Lara’s Google Analytics which is the most affordable Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

Well, I know just saying that its most affordable WP plugin won’t help you much. Now, let’s compare some Top alternatives to Lara’s Google Analytics.



Lara’s Google Analytics



From $14.99



GA Google Analytics


From $15.00



From $59.00

WP Google Analytics Events


From $79.00

Sitekit By GoogleYesNoYesNo


Choosing the right analytics plugin for your WordPress website can make a big difference in how you understand your site’s visitors. But which one is the best? It depends. Each plugin has its own strengths and weaknesses.

I would recommend choosing the one which suits and provides the accurate data that you need to grow either your website or your business. I’m leaving this up to you.

Company Background

Lara’s Google Analytics is developed by a Romanian-based Web Hosting, Domain Names, and Web Development Company XtraOrbit Web development SRL.

It’s headquartered at Bulevardul 1 Mai, Numar 23, cod 900123, Constanta, Romania.

screenshot 2021.09.28 09 15 45

Social Presence

The social presence of this tool is quite poor. It is only available on Facebook, and that too was last active in 2017.

Pros & Cons


  • Plugin with numerous statistical data
  • Option to enable eCommerce graphs
  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Access to full permissions control
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  • It’s not a GDPR friendly plugin
  • There’s no documentation support
  • No option for affiliate link tracking
  • No option to track WP ads and events


Lara’s Google Analytics has a rating of 4.8 out of 5, rated by 100+ users. Well, these numbers are quite decent.

screenshot 2021.09.27 23 11 08


It can be difficult to find high-quality plugins for WordPress, but our experience with this plugin has been very positive. There are many Google Analytics plugins available for WordPress, but I believe Lara’s Google Analytics is a nearly comprehensive and most affordable Google Analytics WP Plugin.

We hope you found it helpful, and if you know other alternatives to Lara’s Google Analytics WordPress Plugin that would be better, please comment below so we can check it out!