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Top 21 Micro Work Sites to Find High Paying Micro Jobs in 2021

Written by Vipin Sharma · 4 min read >
Top 21 Micro Work Sites to Find High Paying Micro Jobs in 2021

Micro Jobs are getting popular day by day as they provide limited work and regular pay that any ordinary man or woman needs.
If, you are a student, homemaker, or housewife. Surely, you have found yourself short of cash at the end of every month. And probably this shortage may be still scratching your head. Isn’t it?
So, please don’t worry.
Here, in this article, we have come up with our top 21 micro working sites for micro jobs that will help you earn extra income.
Only you have to keep patience and consistency on these following sites.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk gives you the interface of crowdsourcing where individuals and businesses help each other. Mturks also provides you the works that can’t be driven by computers and effectively done by machines.

It connects Millions of Micro-workers. And of course, all because of its legitness.

Some Microworks on the site: Moderating content, Performing Data deduplication, research, Survey Participation, etc.


Earn Free Cash Online _ Make Extra Money With ySense


YSense, aka ClixSense, is a virtual global multiple micro working sites. It gives you the legit affiliate option. By which on referral joining of any person, you make a good commission for the years. Yeah, you guess it right, it works like a passive income.

Some Microworks on the site: Online surveys, Game trials, App trials, Simple tasks



Clickworker is based in 136 countries worldwide, joined by 2.2 million Clickworker. You can work with them by smartphone, desktops, or any tablet via its site and application.

They have more than 15 years of microtask expertise. Also, they have successfully provided over 1 million jobs to their worker.

Some Microworks on the site: Audio creation, Video Creation, Image clicking, Data handling

FiverrFiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses

Fiverr is the most popular among the job deployment sites for soft skills and crafts works. By signing up with them, you can easily create your profile regarding your skills and set up a gig in the minutes. 

Some Microworks on the site:: Voice-over, Social media management, Data entry, Design making


Microworkers - work & earn or offer a micro job

Microworkers, as the name suggests, it is one of the most micro-jobs services catering site on the internet. It provides you the various template where you assigned the work to do. 

It began in 2009 and now leading as the best crowdsourcing platform.

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Some Microworks on the site: Annotation, categorization, image or video tagging, translation and transcription, product testing, Data, research, survey jobs


InboxDollars_ Make Extra Money Online From Home

InboxDollar’s slogan is to make money online from home.

You can easily earn cash by working with InboxDollar. They have given over $59 million in pay rewards that indicates their reliability. Their partner companies are also some of the big names like Netflix,, etc.

Some Microworks on the site: Play videos and TV, Surveys, Free Food, Grocery Coupons, Paid Shopping


Micro Jobs

Appen, aka Figure eight, has an expertise of more than 20 years in running data projects, AI-based annotation platforms, and global crowd outsourcing. They provide work that can be done from any place in the world. 

Some Microworks on the site: Projects, Various micro-tasks, Survey & Data collection



EasyShift has published under the Forbes, Wall Street Journal, USA T0day, Mashable, etc. It is an app that provides you freedom of earning. 

If you want to earn money by clicking your fingers, this app may work as the best one for you.

Some Microworks on the site: Taking photos of products, Review making, Promotions, Checking prices of local stores products


Swagbucks_ Coupons, Paid Online Surveys & Free Gift Cards

Swagbucks rewards you based on earning points. They have paid over ₹5,000,000,000. You can redeem these points for purchasing the product from Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

Swagbucks has published on BuzzFeed, SavetheStudents, ThePennyHoarder, ABC, The Huffington Post for some of the best earning resources.

Some Microworks on the site: Shop online, Watch entertaining videos, Search the web, Answer surveys

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys - Get Paid For Sharing Your Opinion

BrandedSurvey is one of the best survey jobs providing limited. These surveys are legit in terms of getting paid. You have to redeem the points via gift cards 0r Paypal cash. Yes, they paid you in points.

Some Microworks on the site:  Surveys, Opinion making


Respondent - Sign in

Respondent, trusted by the world’s most leading companies like Microsoft, Atlassian, Intuit, etc. 

On browsing the Projects section, you can get several projects related to different categories by the business.

Some Microworks on the site: Multi researching



Gigwalk is an application for both platforms IOS and play store.

You have to first register with it and link your Paypal account. And afterward, finding and completing the Gigs in your area. The submission of works is directly through your app. 

Some Microworks on the site: Marketing and research


Scribie Audio_Video Transcription _ Starting at $0.10_min

Scribie gives work for transcribing audio files and pays you based on audio time. Businesses upload the audio file, and then you transcribe it through proofreadings. 

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Scribie believes in quality work. So, it will be easy for you if you are providing quality over quantity.

Microwork on the site: Transcribing



Lionbridge is a bridge or interface that helps trade and job opportunities to come at a single platform. These opportunities are related to work from home. 

Lionbridge provides majorly work in the communication industry. Because of it, It’s the world’s most trusted global communication platform.

Some Microworks on site: Teaching communications, Linguistic experts, and translators



Taskrabbit provides freedom by getting you a job. You have to register through the tasker app. Only you need to pay $25 as registration fees in starting.

Some Microworks on the site: Home repair, furniture assembly, Tv mounting, Smart home installations


Get Paid to Test _UserTesting

Usertesting, research & feedback testing tools, offers you employability by sharing your opinions about the various product. You earn around $10 for every 20-minute test you finish, but you get work on a timely basis. So, it is not recommended to rely thoroughly on this app.

Some Microworks on the site: Sharing opinions and experiences


Skyword _ The Content Marketing Company

Skyword connects the writers, graphic designers, and others with their authentic brands to establish trust and provide value to others.

They are genuine, legit, and reputed in paying jobs.

Some Microworks on the site:  Writers, graphic artists, videographers, photographers, and other creatives


Ask an Expert & Get Answers to Your Questions - ASAP

JustAnswer recruits experts in any niche. They assign the different asked questions of category people to you, and in return, you get paid for answering the same.

Some Microworks on the site: Answering questions(For Lawyer, Doctor, Vets, Mechanics, etc. )


slicethepie - Apps on Google Play

SlicethePie is a micro jobs site where you can get paid to review songs, fashion accessories, commercials, etc. The original creator will see your review and use the same for making the product better. It’s an application.

Some Microworks on the site: Reviewing the products based on uses


Crowdtap_ Opinions & Rewards - Apps on Google Play

CrowdTap pays you for your opinions. It works on a point basis. Same points you can later redeem for purchasing products or gift cards.

Some Microworks on the site: Opinion sharing

Crowdsource - Managed Crowdsourcing Solutions

Crowdsource controls the quality writers, designers, data, transcription, moderation works. It manages the work of some of the big companies like RBitz,

The site is legit and highly recommended to give a try.

Some Microworks on the site: Copywriting, Data, Moderation, Transcription

Which site you liked the most and always prefer to go with? Do you know any other awesome sites to mention here in the list? Please, don’t forget to tell us under the comment section. 

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Keep sharing; keep loving. 🙂

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