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Google Maps SEO: How To Boost Google Places and Local SEO Services!

Written by Vipin Sharma · 3 min read >
Google Maps SEO: How To Boost Google Places and Local SEO Services!

When you search for a nearby business or location, it is sure you would have found the result of google maps or site searches for the various local business. Indeed, nobody knows the google algorithm for the better ranking of searches, but Google has proved that it is the best search engine worldwide by searching sharing percentage.

You cannot fool Google to rank your business with black hat SEO methods or keyword stuffing, as it holds the most comprehensive search engine.

So can we do nothing? No, Google has made it clear that stay honest to the customer; they will be to you. Still, Google Maps has specific standards to Rank your business for local SEO services. So, let’s explore how to boost Google places and local SEO services:

Listing on Google My Business (GMB) 

If you searched SEO for google maps, then it is sure you have registered on Google My Business. If not, then don’t be so late; verify your availability with them and increase the 200% chance for the #1 on the search engine.

Google My Business – for Local SEO Services

Google My Business is a free program where you can take your whole business online; you need to upload particular info about it. With this, you can directly interact with the potential local customer nearby you with substantial reach. It provides the calling, message, website, and other options to reach your customers. It directly adds up with google maps to increase your visibility.

For Google Map SEO, having a profile on Google My Business is a must.

Add info on Google My Business.

If you have registered on Google My Business, the next step will fill in your business’s full info here. As much information you will provide to Google, chances of ranking on google will be high.

To add info about the business, log into the Google My Business account to get several tabs. Now click on the info section and add all your essential information.

Info On Google My Business

There are some particular points to retain while filling info:

  1. Consistent name, address, and phone numbers: While filling in the information on websites, google maps, Facebook, Instagram, etc., use the constant Name, Address, Phone Numbers, etc., neither will it hamper your SEO badly. Sometimes we unintentionally put our business names differently, like Ankur shops to AK shops, and Google doesn’t rank it. These all are small points but weighs a lot.
  2. Define a specific category for your business: Giving a proper business category is very necessary because Google ranks it as a keyword for the local searches and optimize it for Google Maps. If there are more than two categories, then put other ones in an additional category box.
  3. Add the opening and closing hours: It should be proper according to your timing, and whenever your shop closes for the day, outline on google maps for the same.
  4. Add the active telephone number: Many businesses add some non-working spam type numbers such that Google thinks the located business is also spam. So, seek to use the local country coded phone or telephone number. Give the optional number too for increasing your trustworthiness.
  5. Add attributes: Add business tags like health and safety, offering, payments, plannings, service options, etc. Such features let to know about your business to the customer.
  6. Business description: The description should be very descriptive, unique, and attractive. Tell something uncommon about your business which make you out of the box than other local business.
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Regular post on Google My Business

Inform your nearby local customers with regular updates through posts. Posts can be about your products, deals, offers, any other activities.

Post On Google My Business

Google My Business “post” works as same as the Facebook posts; here, you get the template images, summaries, pointers, etc.

You can also give new updates or news regarding your local services.

Verify for Insights and analyze your business

With insight’s verification, you will be able to compare your business with other local businesses. You will get to know how to find the new local nearby customers and how they are engaging with your business.


Try to give google as much access as possible to improve local SEO services.

Feedback with Google Map Reviews.

Google Map Reviews

Most of the product’s and service’s deals are nowadays depend on negative and positive reviews from other customers. Customers directly counteract how others are responding to the same product or what they didn’t like. So try to give your genuine best service and regularly solve their problem if they got any. And attempt to Map Review section above the 4.5 stars.

Optimize your website.

Your website is the virtual location for your business whose responsiveness, beauty, and customization defines your customer’s availability. All these things made a website into SERPs.

Optimization is all about your speed, relevancy to the data, and no broken links on the website. Optimization should be for both mobiles and laptops. 

Embed a Google Map on the website

Well, both Google Maps listing and your site ranking are interdependent. If one suffers, the opposite will also automatically.

Embedded Map in Website for local SEO services

Embed it into the about section of your business and end page, posts of your business. Just paste the link of your location on your website to get the map on the website.


High-quality backlinks are likewise crucial for local SEO. If your business has many citations from high-quality sites, there is a greater chance to rank high on Google. 

Third-party Ranking

Well, how your business is ranking on Yelp,, Instagram, or other sites, is for sure, affects your google map ranking too. Make your presence on all social media and sites because you never know your customers’ search.

Social media

Relevancy and consistency nails for search engine optimization for the website or local SEO services.


I hope the article will help your business to rank #1 in your city. 


If you liked the article or have any query regarded SEO, may leave the comment below. We will reply as soon as possible.

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