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Top 21 Sites To Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Series

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Top Sites To Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Series


Suppose you want to live abroad or explore other cultures or want to set up a business overseas or applying for a job in a multinational company. In all these cases, the language becomes the barrier in itself to operate abroad. The first step to eradicating this barrier could be acknowing the language through the same countries’ movies.

But the tones and dialects of every nation vary, which can run the problem to understand the language. Here, subtitles play an essential role as a helping statement. Subtitle not only provides you the meaning but enhance your readability, learning, and understandability.

In the post, we have included the top 21 sites to download subtitles for movies and tv series in every language, e.g., Japanese, French, Hindi, English, Korean, Indonesian, Tamil, etc.


Open Subtitles

Open subtitle

Open subtitles, Free subtitles providing one of the open-source most massive databases, operates the movie of every genre and language in DivX format. Apart from it, there is a system of ratings to check which is good and not. You also can upload the subtitles on this website.

For more information, you can visit their website here.


Subscene - Best site for subtitles download

It is one of the most popular Sites To Download Subtitles. Subscene contains more than 4 lakh subtitles in different languages like Arabian, Korean, English, etc.

To download or upload, you will have to enable the JavaScript setting on the site. They have the section of forum discussions, Popular subtitles, browse, etc.

English Subtitles

English-subtitles among top sites to download the subtitles

English subtitles confirm the latest English genre subtitles of around a thousand movies on the globe. Recent blockbuster got updated on the homepage on a minute basis. English subtitles have sections of the homepage to differ the audience choices like Movies subtitles TV shows, subtitles, English subtitles, Forum. Visit on English subtitle website to download the latest subtitles.


Podnapisi subtitle

It has the best user interface. Along with the subtitle searching option, it provides you the different segments of the Latest subtitles, Most rated subtitles from the last 30 days, most rated subtitles, most download subtitles, most commented, and others too.

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They have a collection of more than 20 lakh subtitles from more than 50 thousand movies in 100 languages.

Click here to visit the site.

YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles - subtitles for YIFY movies

YIFY subtitle is easy to use the simple site to download the subtitles in a different format. The variation of movies and tv series are available almost in all languages.

On the top, it shows all the trending and hot releases of the month of the year. On this website, you cannot upload your subtitles. So, it is registration free for the users. You can watch the latest movie subtitles on the home page.


Addic7ed.com - The source of latest TV subtitles

Addictable site Addic7ed for the movies and TV series lover provide all the variety of subtitles in different languages. In the RSS feed or top of the page, you will get all the updated movies and Tv series subtitles. They have the filters of quick searches to find the film very quickly. Forum section, Join the team are some other great features and opportunities which you can try.


DownSub (Among best sites to download subtitle for free)

The website has more than 150000 movies and TV series database, so it is unlikely that you will not get the film or TV series of your favorite watch. To download the subtitle, you need to find out your favorite link of the video or movie, fill that link into the above image shown search box, and then click on the download button and now enjoy the frames.

Visit the website, and enjoy your favorite.

DivX Subtitles

DivX Movies

DivX, DVD, and HDTV subtitles platform, Divx Subtitles, Provides the best seamless experience. You need to register with the platform to upload and sell the subtitles, which is entirely free. You will need to install the DivX codec and player in the machine to download the favorite subtitle. It is available for macOS, Windows, and other OS too.

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Check here and visit the website.


iSubtitles.org - Download Free Movie Subtitles

The site provides lots of DivX subtitles of movies and TV series, which is entirely free to download, and you can share too without any prior permission. This site also claims many reviews, which help you choose the subtitle are best or not. It provides the every month releases section separately. Click here to visit the website.

My Subs

Subtitles for TV Shows and movies in multiple languages - my-subs.co

It is among the Best sites to download subtitles for all genres romantic, horror, a drama, where you can also upload the subtitles by registering on the website. Downloading of subtitles or captions is entirely free. Its interface is very user-friendly and decorative. New releases, New Versions, Latest started translations, etc., are some quick boxes.

Click here and visit the site.



It is a Jennie box where you can type into the search option and click with the movie name. And this Jennie is ready to serve you. Enjoy your favorite movie after downloading the subtitles. It also provides the hot stories of film, gossips in Hollywood, and other things too. Subdivx is also the best place to download subtitles.


Subtitles HR 


Subtitles HR provides the filter option, making it one of the best sites to download the subtitles. Its filter is in the subtitles movie starting name alphabet. It is easy to use, reliable, and diverse.

It also provides the section of the Latest movie subtitles of different languages.

Click here to visit the website.



The website with one of the most extensive collections of popular movies and tv series subtitles to free download in different formats. Here all the subtitle are packed in the various forms, which needed to unpack first to use it. Subdl provides the different sections like Home, Subtitle, Popular movies, Advertise.

Click here.


Mega Subtitles – Download Subtitle

Megasubtile is very easy to use, and the simple website provides various kinds of genre movies on a single platform. It has an exquisite, beautiful, friendly, and clean user interface.

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Click here to visit the website.




YouSubtitles Image


YouSubtitles is one of the amazing tiny tools that helps you download YouTube videos with subtitles. At YouSubtitles, you can watch Videos & listen to Audios online. You just need to enter the URL of the YouTube video and now you will be able to download subtitles in many different formats and languages.


To download the subtitle you have to paste the URL of the video from youtube and download it. It is just as simple as that. Tsubs.com downloads the subs from the OndemandKorea, Viki, Naver TV, and more. It also doesn’t require to install a third-party application.

VLC media player

VLC media player\
If you have a laptop, it’s sure you have used this application before to play the video. But you may don’t know that it also provides subtitles, which make your streaming smooth and seamless. You will just need to add the link to the following video. 
Click here to download the VLC Media player.



It is one of the best subtitles downloading site on the internet. Updating and providing the DivX subtitles are the primary objectives of these websites. It also offers good recommendations for the movies.

SubtitleCat is here free.



Its menu has the following pages: Home, Latest sub, Top, movies, Tv series, Games, Upload. Subs4free has a wide variety of movie subtitles, which makes the whole list almost complete. It provides all genres like anime, action, Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. 

Click here to download the subtitle.


Sous Titres

Sous Titres

Sous Titres is a European website that provides the movie subtitles of the European genre. Its filter system makes its best European subtitle downloading website.

Click here to download your European movie.

Subtitles for Divx and DVD Movies

English Subtitles for DivX Movies

This website provides subtitles in different languages, including German, English, and Czech. It provides you with the subtitles in both formats.

Leading websites only not provide an organized way to Download Subtitles.

This site work as a search engine to find downloadable resources.





Beamer is a video steaming tool for the mac to apple tv or Chromecast.  It picks movie format, adds subs, and high-quality stream videos. 

Click here to download Beamer.

Watching the movies and web series of different countries gives the idea of ” what’s going in the world.” Such that, we also transfer the values among the nations. And this all will become of no meaning if we don’t get the language of another side. Well, we have all these websites to get rid of this situation.

Enjoy watching your favorite movie with suitable subtitles. Keep sharing, keep loving.

Make a comment If you know any other exciting subtitle site to download.

Thank you.

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