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Top 20 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online by Just Doing Data Entry From Home

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Top 20 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online


In this digital age, data entry jobs have become very popular among people for part-time earnings and full-time earning.

And why shouldn’t it be popular? Ultimately, it gives you the option of flexible work time and task management regardless of your qualifications, age, gender.

In this article, we have covered the 21 easiest ways to earn money online by just doing data entry jobs from home. 

Without wasting any moment, let’s begin it. 

Online Form Filling

Online form filling is related to uploading the customer data or any service taker in a format that includes name, age, blood group, email address, etc. No mistake is required for these types of jobs as it can sometimes be the personal information of the next person. You can easily earn around $ 10 as a beginner.

Email managing

Social media has become very familiar among people. Companies are taking advantage of this. They send mail for their products and services. And sell tons of it.

You can be one of the email marketers, as it requires organizing and categorizing various mails. If you have communication skills too, you can easily earn 1000 dollars per month.

Data Entry Clerks 

Data entry clerks are in high demand as of now. Their job is to transfer data from customers and papers on a computer and manage large numbers of a spreadsheet.

The number of earnings can vary from $ 5 to $ 10 per hour.

Image to text & vice versa

Different companies require jobs that can convert their text to images and vice versa. Blogging sites require these works highly.

Eligibility depends on the type of work.


Many micro working sites give you the option of earning money from filling surveys. 

There are different types of surveys, so job availability depends on your location, education, experience, etc. and earnings also depends on the same.

Copywriting and content writing

We cannot completely say both jobs like data entry, but they can be up to some extent.

Creativity is required for copywriting and content writing. You can write as a blogger for various sites.

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Copy and Paste Jobs

Copying and pasting documents from other docs like Excel to Word, Word to Excel, PDF to Word, etc. called a Copy and Paste Jobs. These jobs do not require any technical skills so that you can easily apply.

Freelancing sites provide these works.

Basic Entry Jobs

Writing can also be considered as data entry because you need to keep the data in space. Many jobs require Excel and Word to fill data. If you know both, then you can earn money by mix-working.

Catalog Operator

Catalog operator jobs require time and speed with precision. In this, an individual is required to make a list of products and product variables. Things like product seal number, quantity number, code number, bar code number are part of the database.

Preparing an excel-sheet is the main task or skill that the recruiter demands.

Payroll Operator

Payroll itself refers to salary. Payroll operator jobs require the preparation of payroll of various employees. The names, addresses, payment details, allowances of employees are considered in this data entry work.

Medical Transcribing Jobs

The Medical transcriber listens to various audio files and converts them into words. These types of works are in high demand for a variety of tasks. Audio files include medical phone recordings, interviews, etc.

Listening and writing skills are appreciated, along with the requirement of a recruiter for this job.

Medical Coder

To be a Medical Coder, you need a medical qualification. The medical coder decodes the patient’s medical report in the context of analyzing and concluding his / her words.

You can earn a respectable amount, but the availability of these jobs is less.

Audio to text (Transcribing)

In this job, you are listening to various audio files and converting them into text files. Typing speed and listening skills are a must for this position. You can call them transcribers.

Earning ability varies according to your skills. They are different from a medical transcriber in terms of specialty.

Captcha Entry Jobs

Captchas are images in the form of numbers, characters, and letters that are used to legitimize the user (whether the user is a robot or not).

Companies provide work related to checking variables filled in the captcha. In return, you get a salary. But it is only suitable for part-time and free time because most companies give you $ 1 for 1000 images.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is providing microtask and other data entry-related functions on its platform Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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If you are a resident of the USA, then you can easily apply for a job. 300 $ to 500 $ per month is the average amount you can earn.

Data formatting 

Data formatting is also considered a data entry job. But you have more tasks to design the data in the correct format to the email address, paragraph, name, number, etc.

You should know the rules for format data here.

Data Editing

Data editing is an inclination towards jobs related to grammatical and writing skills. In this type of job, a lot of mistakes in the document are rectified.

To become a data editor, you need to have some literature qualifications and knowledge.

Online data capturing jobs

Many blogging sites require data for research in blogs. You can serve them by capturing it for them. In this type of job, you need more grammatical skills.

Caption Making

Caption-making is a very creative act. Captioning is very useful in video and social media photos. 

The YouTube era has started many YouTubers and social media influencers a need of captions for themselves. You can serve them and easily earn $ 5 an hour.

Data Entry Keyers Jobs

The job of data entry keyers is to enter, correct and improve the data. They collect it and provide reports to their supervisor accurately.

You can earn around 10 $ per hour in this job. But it requires technical skills like 40 wpm with 100% error-free typing speed.

All of the above are worth data entry jobs that require time and energy. So, take some time for any chosen data entry job, your hard work will give you fruits.


We hope you liked the article.

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