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Top 57 Weirdest Websites On The Internet, Some Are More Addictive Than TikTok

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Weirdest Websites on Internet

Internet is full of sh*t, but all sh*ts are not created equal. Some of them are damn funny, some super strange, and some seem to be created by A-grade psycho-supermen.

I have no intention to start a debate on TikTok as to whether it’s a giant piece of sh*t or diamond, but it’s super addictive. It is so addictive that I had to wait for my government to ban TikTok before removing it from the Phone. ( PS: I am from India, where TikTok is banned now. )

Well, here is my present for you if you like to have some flavor insanity in your life. 🙂

I am presenting the list of 51 weirdest website that is currently available on the open internet. ( Sorry, Dark Web!) This can be so useless that you may start questioning your own existence.

1 Final Warning

Abraham Lincoln once said: “What has been seen [on the Internet], cannot be unseen.” So, Be sure to go ahead with this list.

Remember – There’s no turning back after you start clicking on these links!

Anyways, here you go.


2 NinjaFlex

<a href=NinjaFlex" />
Ninja Flex

Utterly pointless website. When you open the website and click any of the above-displayed images, it will say ‘ Ninja’ or ‘Flex,’ that’s it.

This website was first made in July 2011.

3 Endless Horse

<a href=Endless Horse" />
Endless Horse

One of the most strange websites I’ve ever seen. When you open it, you see a horse like drawing, with never-ending legs. You will die scrolling the page, but you will never reach to the bottom of it. ( PS: At least, I couldn’t reach to the end. But if you can, let me know in the comment section as how much time did it take )

This website was created in May 2015 and hosted on Digitalocean Server.

4 Crossdivisions

<a href=Crossdivisions" />

This can make you psychologically ill for a while. If you keep staring at this website for more than 57 seconds, you may get a feel that you are stoned or out of the world. Visit this website for a longer period at your own risk.

There is no text on the website, but some weirdly synchronized moving gradients, expanding tunnels, and a creepy red/blue/green tone add to this website’s overall weirdness and pointlessness.

This website was created in December 2015.

5 Staggering Beauty

<strong><a href=Staggering Beauty" />
Staggering Beauty

When you open this web page, you will see a single animated wiggly worm. This may resemble a known human organ ( Shhh….!!). Soon you will notice that this weird worm starts to shuffle/move along with the mouse’s movement around the screen. But suddenly, you will notice something unexpected. I will not say what actually happens. So, just visit this website and enjoy! 🙂

This website exists since July 2012.

6 ZoomQuilt

<a href=ZoomQuilt" />

I can’t say it weird, but one of the best illusions I’ve ever seen online. ZoomQuilt is an endless, infinitely zooming image. This is primarily a project by Nikolaus Baumgarten, created in 2004.

You can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. Visit this, and you will be really amazed by the way it goes on.

This website is live since January 2005.

7 Patience is a Virtue

<strong><a href=Patience is a Virtue" />
Patience is a Virtue

I can’t really say if this website is pointless, but this is weird for sure. This website is shared more than 130,000 times on Facebook and 56K+ times on Twitter. So, there must be something interesting about it. Feel free to visit this and discover.

This website is live since October 2012.

8 Eel Slap

<strong><a href=Eel Slap" />
Eel Slap

The website title says – “Ever wanted to slap someone in the face with an eel? Well, today is your lucky day.”

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Basically, you just need to move the mouse either fast or slow or both, and chances are that you will get instant relief, not sure why. The website does nothing else except this. So, feel free to check this out if you are free or bored. If it helped you, you might want to watch this remix video based on this website.

This website exists since March 2011, and it has been shared 280K+ times on Twitter.

9 Falling Falling

<strong><a href=Falling Falling" />
Falling Falling

This website redefines the meaning of pointlessness and possibly one of the weirdest websites available on the internet right now. When you visit the website, you find some colored objects, which keep falling down in an endless loop and never reach their end. It just keeps falling down.

If you click anywhere on the website, it also generates a sound of something falling down continuously. This website is in existence since May 2011.

10 Nooooooooooooooo


Another hilarious stuff available on the internet. This strange website is perfect for those moments when you want to scream, but you can’t. All you need to do is – visit the website and press the button. Now you will hear Darth Vader of Star Wars saying ‘Sorry’ on your behalf. 🙂

This website is live since December 2009.

11 Cat Bounce

<a href=Cat Bounce" />
Cat Bounce

If you love cats, this is for you. When you visit the website, you will see dozens of virtual kitties that you can make bounce over your screen using a mouse click. You may want to check the rain option too, you won’t be more satisfied.

The website was created in September 2012.

12 Pointer Pointer

<a href=Pointer Pointer" />
Pointer Pointer

I personally loved this site the most. Of course, this is pointless and weird but clever. So, you just need to point your mouse arrow somewhere on the screen and wait for a while. Surprisingly, the website will load a picture of someone pointing at your mouse pointer’s location on the screen.

I tried all the possible weird location for the mouse pointer, but it never failed me. The website was created in June 2012.

13 Scale of the universe 2.1

<a href=Scale of the universe 2.1" />
Scale of the universe

Scale of the universe 2.1 is the latest version of an interactive website that illustrates the scale of different things in our universe. This is probably the only sensible website on this list, but really fascinating. If you want to know the size of a quail egg compared to a shrew, this is your ultimate destination.

This website was created in July 2008.


<a" />

Not sure what this website is. Damn weird. Is there a message, or is it some kind of encrypted text? If I have already claimed this before, let me reclaim that this is actually the weirdest and the most pointless website I have seen on the internet. If the name wasn’t weird enough, the application, when opened, shows a homepage full of a black background with green coding done all over with strange symbols.

I looked at the source code of this website ( check here: view-source: ), which is even weirder. Also, this is the oldest website on this list, which was developed in August 1998.


<a" />

I have no idea why this website exists, but it this is online since July 2008. If you are free and still curious why it was created, you can contact the developer at gingeranyhow [at] Gmail [dot] com

16 Corndog

<a href=Corndog" />
Corn Dog

If you are made over Corndog, this website may trigger you in some way. But for others, this is a pointless website with hundreds of Corn Dogs falling down infinitely.

17 Heeeeeeeey Hooooooooo

<a href=Heeeeeeeey Hooooooooo" />

Again, an infinite yet pointless loop of two websites that displaying nothing but Heeeeeeeey and Hooooooooo.

18 The Finger

<a href=The Finger" />
The Finger Deal with it!

When you open the website, you see a hand pointing the middle finger, as shown above. Pretty strange, but you can use this to show your anger or frustration or dominance by sending it to your enemies.

19 SmashTheWalls

<a href=SmashTheWalls" />

Pointlessness is continued with this website too. You visit the website and then click anywhere on the screen to smash the different colors’ virtual walls. One interesting thing – you can see the exact number of walls smashed till now in the browser bar in real-time.

This website was created in September 2018, and since then, 32,207,323 Walls has been smashed ( till the time of writing this post )

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20 Chrismckenzie

<a href=Chrismckenzie" />

Chrismckenzie is an ugly yet strange website that features a smiling pink cube that positions itself in the direction of wherever you put your mouse. Do you find it cool? I didn’t.

21 Weird or Confusing

<a href=Weird or Confusing" />
Weird or Confusing

This is an interesting website which redirects you to weird or confusing stuff on eBay when you click the ‘please’ button.

22 Always Judge a Book by its Cover

<a href=Always Judge a Book by its Cover" />
Always Judge a Book by its Cover

The website headline says, “Some books win awards, some win our heart, and others… only serve to confuse.”

Developed and curated by Tim Holman, this website lists some eye-opening weird but real books from Amazon. In fact, at the time of writing this book, I noticed the book “How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety” as the #1 Best Seller in the ‘Animal Behavior & Communication category’ with 2,800+ ratings. Here is the screenshot –

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

23 The PaP Machine 

<a href=The PaP Machine " />
The Passive-Aggressive Password Machine

PaP means The ‘Passive Aggressive Password.’ The PaP Machine is a side project designed by Tim Holman and Tobias van Schneider.

This will help you to create a highly strong password but in a brutally honest way. You just need to enter a password… any password and the PaP Machine will be honest* about your password strength. Try and enjoy.

24 Bury Me With My Money

<a href=Bury Me With My Money" />
Bury Me With My Money

One of the craziest website on the internet. No idea why it was developed except for a philosophical lesson; it might be teaching that no money can save anyone from dying.


<a href=RRRGGGBBB" />
RRRGGGBBB is a homage to RGB (Red, Green, Blue), the colors used by screens to show us the internet. When you put the mouse pointer on any of these letters, it shouts RRRRRR, GGGGG, or BBBBB based on the position of the mouse pointer.

26 The Pigeon 

<a href=The Pigeon " />
The Pigeon

This is definitely the simplest yet perplexing site on this list. There is nothing but an image of a pigeon on this site. The website was created in July 2017, and I have no idea why it continues to exist even after three years.

27 Koalas to the Max

<a href=Koalas to the Max" />
Koalas to the Max

Koalas to the Max is one more strange website made by Vadim Ogievetsky for Annie Albagl. Once you visit the site, you will see a large circle in the center of the screen.

Now, if you drag the cursor over the circle, it will dissolve into four smaller circles, which in turn can be dissolved with the same process. This will continue till the point when you will start a high-resolution image of a koala bear.

28 Republiquedesmangues

<a href=Republiquedesmangues" />

This site displays a god-like mango with a revolving aura around it. Not sure why.

29 The Zen Zone

<a href=The Zen Zone" />
The Zen Zone

Tim Holman, the founder of this website, defines this as ‘ A minimalistic meditation area designed to calm down via the power of small, captivating, mildly amusing and oddly satisfying activities.’

I tried it and find it very odd. Give it a try and let me know how you feel about it.

30 Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

<a href=Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?" />
Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

This super-weird website answers whether the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet or not. Check the website to get the ultra-expected response.

This website exists since September 2008 just for this.

31 Drawing Garden

<a href=Drawing Garden" />
Drawing Garden

This is a tiny web project made by Ben Moren, fully built with emojis. You can design a garden just with the clicks of your mouse. I find it utterly satisfying.

32 Is My Computer On

<a href=Is My Computer On" />
Is My Computer On?

Weirdness at its pick. This website will tell you whether your computer is on or not.

33 Partridge Gets Lucky

<a href=Partridge Gets Lucky" />
Partridge Gets Lucky

This is basically a 1-hour loop video created by Luke Clark and later turned into a website.

34 Every Day I’M

<a href=Every Day I’M" />

Whenever you hover the mouse pointer over the word ‘hustling,’ it sings a ‘hustling’ song for you.

35 Nulling the Void

<a href=Nulling the Void" />
Nulling the Void

Just another senseless website.

36 I’m a Ninja

<a href=I’m a Ninja" />
I’m a Ninja

You should definitely feel frustrated by visiting this website. It’s utterly weird and useless.

37 I Has a Bucket!

<a href=I Has a Bucket!" />
I Has a Bucket!

When you visit this website, you see a meme, as shown above, nothing else. This is supposed to be based on the “Lolrus” meme, where an Elephant Seal is very proud of his bucket. Not sure about the backstory behind this meme, but this meme has inspired a guy to make a YouTube song, and it received 120K+ views. Watch it here to continue to the uselessness.

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38 Yes No If

<a href=Yes No If" />
Yes No If

Can you explain the site? I can’t.

39 Boring, Boring, Boring

<a href=Boring, Boring, Boring" />
Boring, boring, boring.

Boring, boring, boring. Isn’t it?

40 I am Awesome

<a href=I am Awesome" />
I am Awesome

Somebody wanted to declare himself awesome. But in the weirdest way possible.

41 Corn Dog on Corn Dog

<a href=Corn Dog on Corn Dog" />
Corn Dog on Corn Dog

Enjoy this weirdness if you are a Corn Dog fan.

42 To The Water

<a href=To The Water" />
To The Water

I couldn’t find any logic behind this site. Basically, you try to catch Water Glass using Mouse, but you can’t. But how does this make any sense? I think it doesn’t.

43 Hybrid Moment

<a href=Hybrid Moment" />
Hybrid Moment

This is also useless but very satisfying and probably the most interesting of all the mentioned websites here. The trick is to put the mouse pointer at the core/center of this explosion, and you will notice that the explosion happens in slow motion. Now move the mouse pointer towards the end corner of the screen and see the difference.

44 Fill This Up

<a href=Fill This Up" />
Fill This Up

This is a web-art but no idea why it exists as a separate website.

45 Potato Or Tomato

<a href=Potato Or Tomato" />
Potato Or Tomato

This is again an utterly nonsense site. It asks you to select Potato or Tomato. Suppose it’s Tomato. Now, If you select the wrong answer, it will say ‘No No No.’ If you select the right option, it will display this message – ‘Yup, that’s a Tomato! You’d be surprised, have guessed wrong!’

46 Hacker Typer

<a href=Hacker Typer" />
Hacker Typer

This is interesting, and you may use this to prank your non-coder Girlfriend to surprise her as if you are coding or indulge in some secret hacking activities.

47 Wutdafuk

<a href=Wutdafuk" />


48 Unicode Snowman for You

<a href=Unicode Snowman for You" />
Unicode Snowman for You

While it looks simple or useless for normal users, this website is unique as it creates a snowman figure using MS Unicode. As per a user, this figure is made using Symbols & Dingbats subrange, along with the comet (☄), the cloud (☁), the umbrella (☂), the hot springs (♨), all the card suits, all the chess pieces (both white and black), a few musical notes, and various and sundry others. If you open this character Map in Arial Unicode font, you can see this for yourself.

Interestingly, this website is live since October 2008. If you have specific question towards Unicode Snowman, you can email at –

49 Corgi Orgy

<a href=Corgi Orgy" />
Corgi Orgy

One more useless website but fun to watch and pleasing to the eyes.

50 Pixels Fighting

Pixels Fighting
Pixels Fighting

Watch pixels fighting with each other and waste more time by vising useless websites.

51 Is It White?

Check the website and see if it’s white, gold, or blue, as some say on Reddit?

52 One Million LOLs

<a href=One Million LOLs" />
One Million LOLs

This website is created by writing LOL one-million times. Feel free to scroll down and count all the lols if you have useless time.

53 Much Better Than This

Much Better Than This
Much Better Than This

This one more art website created by Rafaël Rozendaal showing a kiss of love in a loop.

54 Lacquer Lacquer

<a href=Lacquer Lacquer" />
Lacquer Lacquer

One more useless website where you can simply paint the nails. It’s simple and refreshing.

55 Oct82

<a href=Oct82" />

This website is not just weird but also horrifying. The title says, “There is nothing here.”


<a href=OMFGDOGS" />

Another weird website, but it might be satisfying for Dog lovers.

57 The Useless Web

<a href=The Useless Web" />
The Useless Web

This is the last website on this list, and I find it highly addictive. Created by Tim Holman in 2012, this website curates all things quirky and weird on the internet.

So, if your hunger for the weird website is still ON, feel free to visit TheUselessWeb. Every time you click the ‘Please’ button on this website, it will redirect to a new useless, weird, or funny website that will either amaze you or make you bang your heads.


Which one is your favorite useless site? Kindly comment below.

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