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Top 10 Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog in 2021

Written by Vipin Sharma · 3 min read >
10 Best Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog in 2021

The first question that arises can you still earn money in 2021 from blogging?

So the answer is ‘Yes.’ It is still worth, in 2021 to make a career and earn money through blogging. But it is not as easy as it is sounding.

There are many aspects on which the blog depends and states it will run or not in the future. One aspect is sources of earning money. How many sources are there in making money through the blog?

So let’s explore the 10 best ways by which we can earn money from blogs.

Ad Networks

The easiest way to monetize your blog is through ad networks. There are many ad agencies like Google Adsense and by which you can earn money at a ready stage of your website only with some visitors to verify that the website is in a running mode. Only you will need the approval of your website with these agencies. 

Ad networks

Most news, fashion, tech, niche websites use this method to earn money.

 Suppose your number of visitors to the website is less. In that case, you should try Affiliate marketing or direct advertising because making money through the ads depends directly on the visitors’ time spending and the number of visitors on your website.

The CPC( cost per click)  decides the amount of earning money that varies through countries. It can range from 0.3$ to 15$ according to your target audience.

Affiliate marketing

Earning money through selling the other’s products on a commission is called Affiliate Marketing. 

If a blog keeps expertise in a niche, let say, e.g., fashion, then a visitor who will buy the product through the blog’s embedded link on fashion product will have to pay the same amount, and the blogger will get a commission.

Affiliate marketing

You can join with many affiliate marketplaces like:

Many other websites provide affiliate services marketplace according to your niche of the blog.

But here is a recommendation that never supports the product for so because it will hamper your credibility somewhere. Recommend those genuine products that you had ever used or retained somewhat credibility in the past. 

You can earn ten times more money than the ad network, but it all depends on your blog’s niche and your blogging skills.

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Direct advertisement

There are certain limitations of AdSense and other platforms. It is great to start but if you get the direct advertisements programs, replace it with the previous one. 

Direct advertisement

To get started with the direct advertisement network, you will have to add a blog page name “Media-kit” to get new deals. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that can make the easy process of managing the direct advertisement program, e.g., AdSanity.

Selling ebooks

If you love to spread knowledge and update your viewers, then ebooks could be a great way. You could earn a fair amount of money by selling them. 

Selling eBooks

You need a topic to broadcast the book, then compile an ebook and put it on your blog’s sale at a reasonable amount. It’s a passive income source; you don’t need to make the ebooks daily, just make once and earn money for the years. Only you have to do the proper marketing of your ebook on your blog.

Online course

Like your ebook, if you create the purposeful and knowledgeful video courses of your blog niche for around 1 to 2 hours, it could be an excellent opportunity to earn money. Launching an online course no more a difficult task. You only need a good camera, script, editing skill, and some other things too. And apart from it, it should be something new and unpredictable. Make your course with a specific USP.

Online course

There are many tools available to sell and create online courses.

Shout out to other brands

Your blog has an established audience such that they believe in you. You can promote your favorite niche brands to your audience through ads and webinars, etc. Such that you will help the viewers of your blog in finding the right brands and products. 

Shout to other brands

You can directly approach the brands neither they also come if you have an excellent regular audience base. This way of earning money is getting popular nowadays. This way, you get the backlinks too.

Get Paid for services.

Get paid for services

You are already perfect and expert in your niche, so you can also offer the audience services regarding their need and start earning decent money. For that, you will have to make the page on your blog regarding services and set the per hour charge for your skills. Keep in mind charge should be reasonable with the competitors.

Get public speaking, Gigs.

Public speaking

If you are in the niche of promoting your brand, it will be possible that you will start influencing people over time. As people starting listening to you, you can begin to paid speaking at the conferences and events. Be relevant to what you are talking about, and your conversation should not contradict your words ever. Start influencing in the right way, it may not help in the shorter term, but it will create a massive impact on your public personality in the long run.

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Paid reviews

There is nothing wrong with the paid reviews. But it should provide some credibility to the blogger. The product or service should be relevant to the niche and be honest while reviewing the same. Because the audience is the last customer, so they should not get hampered in any way.

Paid reviews

The certain website which provides the paid reviews opportunities:

Paid content membership

You can make the paid content blog post for your expertise that you get after following a long time in your particular niche. Your most loyal readers will read it if they get a certain amount of value through it even after they have to pay.

Paid content membership

You can start doing the in-depth reviews of products, provide the video content, download facility, audio content, etc., for the paid members. But paid content will only succeed if you are giving something valuable and unpredictable.

Source the relevant kind of income source which doesn’t harm your audience and your income source too. 

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