Top 25 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Bloggers ( All Free )

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Top 25 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Bloggers All Free


Blogging is a very thorough and time-consuming process. Because it is not limited to writings. But in fact, it is much more than that. SEO, editing, marketing, research, analysis all fall into that list.

Productivity becomes a big question here. How to maximize this? How to reach that adaptation where you are covering a big task in a smaller time?

There are few things can do in order to achieve better productivity. Organizing everything under a system is the first one. How to organize it? Do not Worry.



Grammarly chrome extension

Manually Editing the Writing in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling mistake, clarity, or communicative delivery is high time taking task. Here you need software or an application that can edit it all in just a second. 

Grammarly is best. It provides you the very smooth installations that can edit your writing in a single click. It is optimized for WordPress, quora, medium, or any writing platform.

Check out Grammarly here.

Adblock- best ad blocker

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Are you annoyed by the ads while writing, reading, or scrawling the sites? Do not bother anymore. 

Adblock by will improvize your experience with sites simple, safe, and ad-free. Ads will be no more problems while searching for the content.

Check out Ad-block here.

Click up 

Click up chrome extension

ClickUp is one of the most powerful tools in the chrome extensions. You get the strength of five apps in a single app. 

  1. Creating tasks
  2. Tracking time
  3. Writing notes.
  4. Creating Email list 
  5. Screenshots

All these functions with a single brief ClickUp.

Check out ClickUp here.


Unsplash chrome extensions

Have you been tired of visiting the Unsplash site again and again for downloading photos? Don’t worry anymore. They have come up with their single click photo downloading chrome extension. You can see the photos and camera information of photos while using the extension. 

Check out Unsplash here.

Writer- Extension & Clipper

Writer - Extension & Clipper - Chrome Web Store

For blogger’s writing and editing purposes, Writer is the best tool. You can clip documents from sites, also convert them to different document types. 

You can import the MS documents in the Writer extension too. 

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Check out Writer here



How do you connect your phone with a laptop or pc? Still with USB data cable? 

The time has been come to switch to Pushbullet. You have to install the Pushbullet in android (phone) and chrome extension, and everything is ready to share and connect.

Check out Pushbullet here.

Evernote web clipper


If you still use a notepad or Wordpad to take notes from the web, you should switch fast. And no option could be better than Evernote web clipper. 

It is available for both phones and desktops.

Check out Evernote here.


SEO moz

SEO is the heart of any blog. If a blog is not optimized for search engines, tools are needed to fix it. One of the most usable and reliable tools is the MOZBAR from Moz. You get very premium features mostly free. In the case of a pro blogger, you can upgrade it too to enhance tool performance.

Check out Mozbar here.


Ubbersuggest chrome extensions

Ubbersuggest is owned by Neil Patel. It is quite strengthful like the Moz. Provide you most of the features free of cost with utmost reliability and responsibility. Ubbersuggest is providing SEO service at one of the most affordable prices.

Check out Ubbersuggest here


Grammarly chrome extension

Honey is a real extension that can give you a thousand discount using a code if you buy something.

But why do you need it in blogging? 

Simple, you are going to buy the domain name, SEO toolkit, hosting, etc. You can use their codes there.

Check out honey here.

Focus to do: Pomodoro time


Blogging mostly depends on your scheduling or time management. How you prepare it? On copy pen still? 

Focus to do is a science-based digital method to get things done. You can make it here your to-do list, reminders, task manager, calendar, etc.  

Check out Focus to do here.

Additor- Highlight and organization

Additor chrome extension

You should prefer Additor if you share or collaborate the work with the team. The extension’s sole purpose is to make your work easy and smooth. 

Check out Additor here.

Mote: voice notes & feedback.


When you need to read the data and also write for the blog, moto helps you here.

Moto made your work easy, all you have to do is copy the text of any site and play the voice. Like podcasts or music, you can listen while writing.

Check out Mote here.



Lastpass has crossed more than 10 million journeys. 

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Now, You don’t need to keep the password for your blog’s information. Just put it here. It is secure and reliable.

Check out Lastpass here.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Awesome screenshot

If you want a separate screen recorder or screenshot taker, the extension should be your first choice. Every other option like including your voice while recording etc is included. 

Check out Awesome here.

ZenMate Free VPN- Best VPN for Chrome

ZenMate VPN - Internet Security and Privacy VPN Service

For research purposes, most of the sites become unavailable as they are blocked by our server or IP. Isn’t the problem while you do research.

No more problem with Zenmate. It’s the VPN browser extension that accesses any blocked site, protects data, and surfs the web smoothly.

Check out Zenmate here.


Whatruns chrome extension

Do you want to put out the information about your competitors? 

Easily you can find other sites out all the WordPress plugins, frameworks, analytic tools, fonts, etc. about More than that, you can follow the changes of their sites regularly.

Check out WhatRuns here.

Email Tracker for Gmail – Mailtrack 

Mailtrack chrome extension

You can guess from its name that it tracks with on the emails sent and opened. It simplifies your data work related to the mails. It secures your data too. 

Check out Mailtrack here.


Hunter chrome extension

Hunter X Hunter anime. Have you watch it. No worry if you didn’t. Excellent show. As the same, the hunter is a superb extension.

Hunter provides you with the exact site email of any webpage just with a single click to contact the blog person.

Check out hunter here.




ColorZilla is one of my most favorite chrome extensions. It has over 2 million downloads on Chrome and more than 5 million downloads on the Firefox browser.

Using ColorZilla,  you can grab a color reading from any point in your browser. It comes with Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator, and many other dev-friendly features. All you need to do is quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program.

Check out ColorZilla here.


PlanWay: team calendar for Trello

planway chrome extension

Trello is one of the most card making tools for a to-do list and board generating. Most of the big enterprises are using it.

Check out PlanWay here.

Notebook Web Clipper

-Notebook Web Clipper

You can clip the content of any other site. And get utmost of it with thorough reading. It can save you both time and money. 

Check out Notebook web clipper here.


buffer chrome extension


Are you looking for the software to share your content on social media platforms with a single click? A buffer is a safe option.

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Check out buffer here.

Save to Pocket

Pocket chrome extensions

Pocket is the fastest, easiest, smoothest way to take and save screenshots, videos, articles in the form of the web. Save to pocket is a research management tool out of all chrome extensions.

Check out Save to Pocket here.

Minimal reading mode

Minimal Reading Mode - Chrome Web Store

Most of the time bloggers spend their time reading. Minimal reading mode reduces the other bulky things out of the screen and provides a better reading experience.

Check out Minimal Reading Mode here.

We hope you liked the article. 

How many options did you choose from the Chrome extension? Which is your favorite, do not forget to tell us under the comment section.

Keep loving; keep sharing.????

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