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Top 21 Most Popular Blogs for Women To Follow In 2021

Written by Vipin Sharma · 5 min read >
Top 21 Blogs for Women to follow

Blogs are meant to inspire, encourage, and follow trends. Most of the time on the internet, people give to reading blogs. So it becomes necessary that a blog should be valuable, enjoyable, and relevant.

Women’s blog has a lot of variety like :

Fashion trends
Creative learning
Food and fashion
DIY Home decor
Personal blog
Women empowerment
News and politics
Mental health.

For this wide variety of sub-niches, we created a list of 21 popular awesome blogs for women that every woman should follow in 2021.

The Elgin Avenue

The Elgin avenue among Popular Blogs for Women.

Monica Beatrice Welburn operates this website. You will love her content based on her life for your’s life, well-being as a human being, creativity for Home decoration, and occupational for work. She covers the entirety of the mentioned above sub-niches, but her fashion sense made her unique. After all, she is graduated from the London College of Fashion.

Official siteThe Elgin Avenue.

College Fashion

College Fashion - Trends, tips, and style for students.

Well, this one is specifically for college students or the young generation. It becomes awful for the girls in college when they are out of the fashion sense, food touch, or any. College fashion site will help you be worthy among your colleagues and make you more sensible and stylish. On their blogs, they speak solely about style guides, outfit ideas, shopping, etc.

Zephyr Basine created the site from her college dorm room in 2007.

Official site – College fashion.

HelloGiggles - Inspiring feminins

Hellogiggle made explicitly for online female readers. They cover various topics like beauty and style, fashion, news, sex and relationship, career, money, and more.

It was founded in 2011 by three misses Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, and Sophia Rossi. Their motive was to inspire a smile, and after years later, they are still doing the same.

Official site-

The cook’s cook

The Cook's Cook - Recipes, Cooking, Kitchen Products

The cook’s cook is an international community of people who grasp interest in food. If you are a woman and have a genuine interest in cooking, serving, and eating food, the website is really for you. Their writers are authentic cooks, professional chefs, and agriculturists.

Denise is the founder and publisher of this website, also the food editor and food tester for more than 25 years.

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Official site- The cook’s cook

Young House Love

Young house love for home DIY home decors.

Young House Love is founded by Sherry and John, who live in Florida Pandhandle, northwest part of the state. In 2006 their obsession started for DIY  when they bought their first house. Apart from their blogs, they published the books for their loyal readers, which became the NYT bestseller in 2012. If we sum up the story, bring happiness by accompanying them.

Official site-

A Cup of Jo - Style, Culture, Motherhood, Travel, Food & Life

Joanna Goddard, who first ran the relationship blog for two years, became the full-time blogger on her website, A cup of Jo. A cup of jo is the best personal blog ever you would have seen. She continually uploads the post about style, design, food, travel, relationship, motherhood, and all. Her story is very inspiring.

Official site-

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines

Tagline – Together, we sweat. Kyla is the co-creator of the BBG guides. She is a personal trainer since 2008. If you will follow her for fitness, it is sure nobody could beat you in shape.

She weekly uploads the post about her unique body and health. Her community of fitness is impressive and excessively passionate.

Official site-

theFashionSpot - Fashion Trends, Styles, Celebrity Fashion, and Beauty

One more website as the popular blogs for women in the news, fashion, style, beauty, and wellness industry. It covers every aspect of news and information required to the girls or women. Their team is highly professional and experienced in the fashion industry.

Official site-

She owns it

She Owns It Celebrating, Connecting, and Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

As the blog site name suggests, the empowerment for women entrepreneurs starts from here. The blog includes the story and path of women aspiring entrepreneurs. The blog is all about business, success, motivation, ideas, testimonials, tips, and gratitude.

If you are starting your raising career and struggling a lot, you should follow the site.

Official site-


Baby Boy Bakery

Like an actual stranger, Jacqui created this page with her son. But after some time, she lost her child when he was three and a half years old. She had nothing left with her except his good memories and Babyboybakery.

So she didn’t stop with her writing. Soon she welcomed her second child. Well, the story itself is an up and down moment. So for the family blogs, you can follow her. She also regularly posts about the recipes with her child Mila.

Official site-

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

Kiki runs this popular blog for traveling women, Theblondeabroad. She has traveled across 71 nations and has taken flights 500, which is a significant number in itself. Like others, she was told to go to college, have a job, and get married, but in 2011 she considered choosing the path of traveling after taking a small tour in Australia, Thailand, etc. If you love traveling and believe in the world’s free beauty, this site is for you.

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Official site-


Its name concludes in itself, the blog is designed for the prosperity of above age 50 women.  Their main goal is to assist the above 50 women physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally stable. It is the no. 1 source for women in the world with more than 500k readers.

Official site-

I Am Aileen


Like, The Blonde Abroad charm, Aileen has also driven across 59 nations. She started her dream travel life in 2013 and, at 21, resigned from the job in the Philippines. She was broken and unstable but somehow, traveling changed the scenario, and Aileen became the dedicated blogger. She is a  solo travel blogger entrepreneur who had a walk to all the seven continents of the earth.

Official site-

Being fashionable with professionalism is challenging. So helps women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, Consultants, and overachieving women be more stylish. Apart from it, Corporette focuses on the career advancement of women too.

After working near wall street, Kat came to realize the need for fashion attachment with their profession. So, she started the dialogue site in 2008.

Official site-

The Freckled Fox

The Freckled Fox

If you are looking for a hairstyle fashion blog, it is the popular one, and you can genuinely follow it. The Freckled Fox worths it for content as it covers the style, food, creativity, beauty, and all other niches. The blog is run by Emily, a wife, and mama to 5 little ones. She regularly inspires her audience with her fashion touch and vogue.

Official site-

Hello Fashion

Hello fashion

Christine Andrew is an enthusiastic, powerful, charming woman who resides in Bogota, Colombia. She started this website in December 2011 as a diary. But now, it has been a book in itself. She shares everything on her website, from fashion, travel, beauty to home decor.  A long way of the style journey she had built that makes her the perfectionist in fashion blogging.

Official site-



Many women nowadays want to be healthy, but the sources are irrelevant. So they are confused about who they should follow. So this confusion of choosing the candidate today will be subdued by the blog is on a mission to educate women aged 35  to 64 to make healthy choices in their life. They are all about self-love, self-care, self wellness.

Official site-

Marie Claire

Marie Claire - Popular blogs to follow

Marie Claire considers the following topics like fashion, hair, beauty, royal news, shop life, etc. It also provides the needy beauty discount vouchers, etc., for making the style easy and available for all. With Marie, a lot of influencers are joined, so you get a wide array of content. In terms of fashion news and style, it is consistent and up to date.

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Official site- Marie claire

Bites of Wellness

Bites of wellness

Samantha runs the blog. She started bites of wellness after being in love with fitness, kitchen, and healthy meals. Afterward became a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness chef. So following her can pull utmost of you.

She also owns a healthy food catering company that specifically served the gyms to achieve the client’s fitness goals. CPFC and NASM had certified her as a verified personal.

Official site-

Twins Mommy

Elna at Twins Mommy helps the mom to make money by blogs. She helps mamas to increase traffic, SEO, Email listing in their early blogging career. Elna began the website after having twins, a baby boy, and a baby girl.

To learn and earn, you may follow her.

Official site-

Well, about this one, you may have already heard before. Cosmopolitan is the blog for sex tips, big name news, dating, and relationships and covers all the range of topics. The website delivers authentic, honest, and exciting content. On the internet web, they are the youngest women’s brand of blogging.

Official site-

Reading Blogs

Reading blogs is very exciting and enriching. With our enlisted list sites, you will get a newer experience; we assure you that.

Which blog you think was exciting and inspiring for you? Is there any awesome blog left to include in the list? Please feel free to share your view via the comment section.

Keep sharing; keep liking.:)

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